Why does the Bluetooth headset echo during a call

Why does the Bluetooth headset echo during a call
Why does the Bluetooth headset echo during a call?
1. Phone problems
If the mobile phone is used for a long time, some internal call components may be aged or malfunction, which may cause echo during the call. However, this problem can also occur with poor quality of new phones.
Solution: It is recommended to send the mobile phone to the mobile phone repair point or the mobile phone store for inspection.
2. Phone setup issues
The phone is set up with call recording, in this case there may also be echoes. Solution: Turn off the call recording, there will be no echo. Steps: settings-call settings-extended settings-whether incoming calls are recorded-cancel.
3. Signal problems
It is possible to encounter signal interference during the call, which will affect the call quality of the headset and cause echo problems during the call. In addition, sound reflections may occur between buildings, weather and other factors interfere with mobile phones or base stations, etc., will produce echoes.
Solution: If this happens, please hang up or choose a place where the building is not dense, etc.
4. Bluetooth headset problem
The most important thing is actually the Bluetooth headset itself. Especially caused by the unreasonable structure design of the earphone cavity. Those who have studied physics know that during the transmission of sound, if they encounter obstacles, it will inevitably produce echoes. The unreasonable structural design will cause the echoes to be too large, which can be clearly felt, especially Bluetooth headsets. The microphone design and earpiece distance are closer, it is easier to produce echo. If the Bluetooth headset can be disconnected to eliminate the echo, and the Bluetooth headset is connected and there is echo, then this is the problem of the headset itself.

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