What to do if the Bluetooth headset is dirty

What to do if the Bluetooth headset is dirty

What to do if the Bluetooth headset is dirty?

1. Mild cleaning-wet wipe cleaning method

This method is suitable for cleaning Bluetooth headsets that are not too dirty. Wet wipes you can order it on stores and supermarkets. Use it to wipe back and forth along the periphery of the headset several times to clean as new. Note, don't use too much force! Otherwise, the Bluetooth headset is prone to seepage!

2. Moderate cleaning-toothpaste cleaning method

Some Bluetooth headset enthusiasts prefer white Bluetooth headsets, but using them for too long is not only a dirty issue, but even yellow. Then the toothpaste we use every day can play its role. Toothpaste itself has the effect of whitening, soak it in water and use a small towel to gently wipe the back and forth of the Bluetooth headset body several times, basically it is completely new!

3. Deep cleaning--special cleaner

If the Bluetooth headset is too dirty, and the outer layer feels unclean and unhygienic, you need to use a special cleaner. It is recommended that the car interior foam cleaner is similar to alcohol, volatile, non-conductive, and safer. The operation method is to put the earphones in a plastic bag, spray the cleaner, and let the white foam cover the entire earphones. Rub it and leave it for two hours, then take it out and wipe off the residue on the surface with a rag
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