What are the ways to wear Bluetooth headsets

What are the ways to wear Bluetooth headsets?

Earbud bluetooth headset
Advantages: Because there is no need for a complicated cavity design, most of these headsets are relatively small and easy to carry, and the development cost is relatively low. The headset is generally inexpensive and suitable for mass consumption. It used to be the mainstream consumer product in the market.

Disadvantages: Its open structure leads to widespread sound leakage in headphones. Moreover, the sound insulation effect of the open design is not ideal. When used in a noisy environment, the sound quality of the earphone is not very clear. Many people are used to increasing the volume, which will inevitably cause varying degrees of damage to the ear function. In addition, earphones are just plugged outside the ear canal, and the earphones are not closely attached to the ears, and the earphones are likely to fall off during use.

Rear-mounted in-ear Bluetooth headset

Advantages: From a practical point of view, the combination of ear-hanging and in-ear earphones is a trend. The earplugs of in-ear earphones enter the ear canal and fit tightly, so the sound insulation effect is good, and the earhook makes the wearing more stable, and the earphones are rich The exposed structure can also enhance the wearer's temperament.
Disadvantages: First of all, the safety problem caused by the good sound insulation effect. Don't be too engrossed in listening to songs on the road. Secondly, there is the problem of cleaning. If the earplugs are not cleaned regularly, a large number of bacteria will induce a variety of ear diseases; if the earplugs are selected improperly or the earphone ergonomic design is unreasonable, the frequent in and out of the earplugs can easily scratch the ear canal. In addition, the ear-mounted Bluetooth headset is not suitable for wearing glasses.

What are the ways to wear Bluetooth headsets
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