What are the benefits of Bluetooth headsets

What are the benefits of Bluetooth headsets?

Long battery life lithium battery:
Built-in lithium battery, rechargeable, Bluetooth music playback time is more than 10 hours, Bluetooth standby time is more than 250 hours. If the Bluetooth headset is connected for a period of time without any audio input, it will automatically shut down.

Music call switching freely:
When the music is playing and an incoming call comes in, the headset automatically pauses the music, prompting that there is an incoming call, and you can answer the call by pressing directly on the Bluetooth headset. After the call, the music before the call will continue to be played. Even without affecting normal cells, you can enjoy music happily.

Built-in microphone:
The built-in microphone of the Bluetooth headset, connected to a computer/mobile phone, allows you to make hands-free calls, and you can also directly chat with friends through QQ voice chat via the Bluetooth headset.

Remote control function:
You can directly perform operations such as pause, play, adjust volume, previous and next songs from the wireless headset, automatically remind and pause the music when you call, automatically resume the music after hanging up, and switch music calls freely.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth headsets
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