How to distinguish the quality of mobile power battery

How to distinguish the quality of mobile power battery´╝č

1. Distinguish on accessories
A good mobile power bank uses high-quality materials in all aspects, so the most exposed accessories (such as adapters) are undoubtedly the easiest to distinguish between good quality and bad quality. Adapters are divided into one-time molding and assembly. Generally, the quality of one-time molding is better than assembled. (Molding is one-piece injection molding)

2. Distinguish between volume and nominal
The battery power is proportional to the volume, and it is impossible to have a pocket-sized mobile power supply with a large amount of space. Otherwise, the mobile phone battery can be large enough to do what mobile power does. Many on the market are originally made with two batteries, but the labels are 7000mAh, 8000mAh. Obviously, it is a false standard, so you must remember to buy a mobile power bank, small size and large capacity are basically fake.

3. Differentiate between battery types
Power banks are mainly divided into polymer batteries and cylindrical (18650) batteries. Polymer power banks are generally thinner, while cylindrical (18650) batteries are generally thicker. The safety of the polymer is better, and the cylindrical (18650) type battery may explode after aging or defective battery.

How to distinguish the quality of mobile power battery
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