When the mobile phone is charging, everyone has such troubles. The speed of charging the mobile phone is very slow. Especially when using the mobile phone while charging, the power consumption is faster than charging, and the mobile phone will also cause the mobile phone to send hot. The new product developed by YILINKS, the 7-character double-elbow data cable, solves the problem of slow mobile phone charging.

It is understood that the modified product uses a 7-shaped double elbow convenient design, nickel plated joints, durable, and compact, when the phone is in the horizontal screen when using hands, do not bend, whether watching videos or playing games The situation can be matched with the user's use of the situation, and there will not be common winding problems common to the charging usb cable.

In addition, this product can carry out two-way transmission, so that charging, transmission, combo, while charging, users can also carry out rapid data transmission. It is worth mentioning that this product is equipped with an upgraded mobile gaming smart chip, which has overvoltage protection function, which can make the mobile phone not easy to use when it is used, and brings better user experience.

“This data cable uses a reinforced connector, which makes it more stable than the average charging cable on the market, and it also has a strong resistance to bluntness, and its service life has also been extended. Now many consumers buy a lot of charging. Lines, but these products are often not durable, they start to damage or charge slowly after a few uses, and we are committed to making electronic products better and stronger, so that a data line is more durable than ordinary data lines.We are not only R & D put forward higher requirements, but also let our consumer electronics products have been recognized and loved by the majority of users." YILINKS Planning Manager Li Wei said.