Nowadays, mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tool in our daily life. When we use mobile phones every day, the data cable and headphones are two connected devices equipped with mobile phones, one can be used to listen to songs and leisure, another It is used to charge the phone. However, when we use it for a while, we will find that the white data cable and headphones become black. For those who have cleanliness, it is intolerable. So today, teach you how to protect and select your own data lines and headset.

When using a good method to learn to maintain, the original data line can be used for at least three to five years. Here are a few of the ways to maintain a few power cords.
When plugging in and out, it is necessary to ease the use of the data cable when many people use the data cable. We should use it as softly as possible, otherwise the interface will be easily broken. If the interface is broken, it can only be purchased again.

Regularly clean the data line can be cleaned with toothpaste at home. The toothpaste itself has the effect of repairing whiteness. The method is very simple. Rub it back and forth on the data line, and finally wipe it off with clean water. Keep away from heat and sharp objects. Do not put the power supply or the headphone cable in a place with a high heat source. For example, if it is placed under the desk lamp for a long time, it will be more likely to aggravate aging. It is also easy to make the data line be broken when placed next to sharp objects. Do not plug the power cord into the power strip for a long time. When the mobile phone is not charging, unplug the plug as much as possible to avoid damage to the data cable caused by current for a long time, so that the charging speed will be slower and slower. This will effectively reduce fire safety. Hidden dangers. Tape or spring at the data line interface

The purpose of this is to thicken the interface, the interface is the most vulnerable, and a few layers of tape can strengthen the toughness of the power cord, but the appearance looks a bit ugly, practical is still very strong.
All of the above methods can effectively reduce the damage of the data line and headphones. Correct maintenance can prolong the service life of the product. Have you learned it?