Apple's iPhone is arguably one of the best mobile phones in the world, but such a phone has its drawbacks.

I believe that many friends who use the iPhone have changed more than one data cable(I have changed two in any case), the original data cable does not know how to break.

But the official price of Apple's original data line starts at 149 yuan (why don't you rob it!) So you can't afford it!

Then the data line is broken and buying the data line of the third party has become the main choice for everyone. Recently, the thing that has been raging for the victory of Apple is because of the MFi certification of the mobile phone data line. So what is MFi certification?

Why is Apple's original data cable so easy to break?

Everyone's iPhone data cable damage is mainly concentrated in the location of the lightning plug, which is not unrelated to the habits that everyone uses. Many people often directly smash the part of the line and cause the wire to be broken.

In addition, improper storage is also a major cause of damage. Think about whether you have put the charger together and throw it into the bag.

Another reason is that in the data line itself, Apple's data line is made of environmentally friendly TPE material. The data line is smooth and non-sticky, non-toxic and has good flame retardant performance, but it is not as durable as plastic materials in life. .

There is a wire mesh and aluminum foil in the data line to ensure the toughness and charging safety of the data line. If the data is used improperly, the data line will be damaged.

When we buy the data cable, you will find that there is an MFi-certified data cable that is more expensive but looks taller.

Apple MFi certification is the abbreviation of "Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad", which is an identification license for Apple's external accessories manufactured by its authorized accessory manufacturers.

Passing Apple's MFi certification is a long and rigorous process, and it is said that only 2% of applicants can pass MFi certification each year.

Apple requires all Apple accessory manufacturers to pass MFi certification. In terms of data lines, there will be protection chips in MFi-certified products to ensure the safety of accessories and mobile phones.

Passing Apple's MFi certification is to produce Apple's mobile phone hardware with the same production standards as Apple. Products with MFi certification are guaranteed in quality, and some products that are not certified by MFi will have pop-up tips that are not certified.

However, the price of certified accessories may be more expensive, and some third-party manufacturers may be more expensive than the original data line.

Manufacturers like Xiaomi and Greenlink produce products that have passed MFi certification. The recent triumphant product wins Apple because there is no MFi certification for the product, and then Apple's monopoly.

We have done a horizontal review of the Apple data line before: Apple is too pitted! This 39-yuan data line performance hangs the original, and friends who want to know can go and see.

So how do we usually protect our data lines?

1. When using the charger, try to hold the plug part by hand, and the part of the twisted wire will break the wire.

2. When storing, try to make the line in the most natural state, and the data line that is grouped together is easily damaged.

3. You can purchase protective accessories for the data cable.

Finally, I hope that everyone can "take care of" their original data lines, the original data line performance is definitely the best, usually pay attention to a little, can make the data line service longer.

If you want to buy a third-party data cable, it is recommended to purchase products that have passed Apple MFi certification, at least in terms of safety and applicability.